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Will Patlove

My desire as an artist is to make apparent those qualities in the world that I see and that interest me. Our everyday physical world is filled with visual situations that I find more dynamic than anything I have ever created as an artist.  While this has at times been a dilemma for me, it has also provided an unlimited supply of inspiration.

So often when we look at abstract art, we immediately try to place it in the world we know, to say that it looks “like” something that we are familiar with. While this can be rewarding, I invite you as an active viewer to try to let go of that habit. My intent with these pieces it to move beyond the objective physical world and into the realm of feeling and emotion. My paintings are not of or about “things,” and while they themselves are things, I want them to serve as springboards to feeling states.

I have remained within the format of painting, but have begun to realize more clearly that the real medium I am working with is light. The combined powers of light and space have always been the foundation of visual art, but I never really understood this until I began to remove everything that was not purely light or space.

My paintings are collectors and interpreters of light that interact with surrounding light and respond to subtle environmental shifts as well as changes in the viewer’s physical orientation to the work.  They serve as tools, pointing out aspects of light and aspects of the way we see.


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